PingAI Screensaver Game 1.0

No Image Classic recreation of an old arcade classic. Your job is to rebound the ball back to the otherside making sure not to let it get pass you.

MB Learn Dream Interpretation 1.15: MB Learn Dream Interpretation helps you understand your dreams better.
MB Learn Dream Interpretation 1.15

MB Learn Dream Interpretation helps you understand your dreams better and know their significance. This will not only help you interpret your dreams but also help you interpret others’ dreams. This software is a simple and useful aid in the study of dreams and dream symbols. This can help beginners learn and test their understanding of the subject.

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Dicale Anti-theft 2.1

Dicale Anti-theft file encryption software enables individuals or small business to quickly secure files on a PC by creating password-protected vaults. In a few steps, users can create a secure vault protected by personal password and lock personal documents and sensitive data in it. Multiple vaults per PC are also possible so that users can lock files in their personal vault against others’ access when sharing a PC.

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